Modern Mobile Phone Technnology

Mobile phonesMobile phones have come a long way since they were first invented in 1973; now over 6 billion people own one. These first mobile phones were very basic in design, but with manufacturers constantly competing, there has a been a huge boom in mobile technology and design.

All mobile phones offer basic telephony and allow users to send text messages, but modern phones now have features such as internet, email and photography, allowing users to manage their entire lives through their phones. These devices have come to be known as ‘smartphones’.

The New PDAs

Mobile phones have become increasingly valuable to businesses and businesspeople, allowing them to keep appointments, surf the internet and keep track of their lives via their phones. This has made the Filofax and other paper organisers almost obsolete, as workers can now keep their entire lives in one place. New smartphones such as the Blackberry and Apple’s IPhone have become very popular with employees due to their sleek design and capacity to keep track of anything.

Making Memories

Modern mobile technology des not just cater to businesspeople, however; they also allow huge scope for keeping track of memories. Mobiles generally now come equipped with megapixel cameras; much the same as a top of the range camera you can buy in stores. The phone will then save your photos, allowing you to instantly upload them to your Facebook, blog or other photo-sharing sites. Smartphones also have apps which allow you to edit your photos in a professional way; adjusting the colour, or putting filters overs them, to make them more interesting and correct them much in the same way Photoshop does. You can also send pictures text messages and upload and watch videos on YouTube directly from your phone, saving the hassle of first transferring them to your computer.

”There’s an app for that!”

If you can dream it, someone has probably created an app for it. Apps on mobile phones are similar to programs on computers. There are apps for everything from games to calendars to mobile banking. There are even fitness apps and ones to record and track your hopes and dreams. These programs have exploded in popularity since the launch of smartphones, with some people even making a living from designing and selling them.
Modern mobile technology has come a long way from the brick-like mobile telephones from the 80s, and with technology improving every day, the future of mobile phones looks very exciting indeed.